Our Instruments ideally suited for inline process monitoring. The systems provide a high accuracy, reproducibility and will be used for monitoring in-line processes where sampling is impractical or impossible due to high pressures, high temperatures or due to sensitive processing environments. The instruments provide real-time measurements under extreme process conditions, assure product quality, minimize product loss, detect contaminants and monitor threshold values.

The detection of concentration, turbidity or colour in liquids allows for a wide range of applications. Threfore we can list some approved applications only. In case you can not find your application or if you require detailed information, please contact our office.

List of common Applications


Applications heavy Industry / Automotive


Application Examples chemical Industry


Application Examples Power Plants


Application Examples Petro chemical & Refining


Application Examples galvanic Industry

  • Iron concentration
  • Nickel concentration
  • Chromium concentration
  • Gold concentration
  • Copper concentration
  • Turbidity
  • Oil in produced water
  • Oil in Condensate
  • Colour in produced water
  • Colour in wastewater


Application Examples Pulp & Paper

  • Oil in condensate
  • Oil in cooling water (heat exchanger)
  • Control of hydrogen peroxide bleaching
  • Colour of blach liqueur
  • Colour of raw and produced water
  • Colour of wastewater
  • APHA colour
  • Decolorization dosage
  • White liquor dosage
  • Flocculent- / Polymer- dosage
  • Pulp concentration
  • Concentration of Sive water (Retension)
  • Filtration control (filter in- and outlet)


Application Examples Biotechnology


Application Examples Diaries


Application Examples Brewing


Applications Beverage/Juice/Vegtable Oil Production

  • Turbidity of water
  • TOC (UV254) of water
  • Oil in condensate
  • Oil in water (heat exchanger)
  • Measurement of product clolour and turbidity
  • Separation product / water
  • Separation water / cleaning agent
  • Turbidity centrifuge inlet
  • Turbidity centrifuge outlet (discharge control)
  • Turbidity centrifuge bypass (dosage)
  • Colour dosage to fit the required product colour
  • Lovibond colour (red and yellow)
  • Clorophyll in Oil
  • Filtration control (filter in- and outlet)